WebRender newsletter #27

๐ŸŽ‰ WebRender is in beta ๐ŸŽ‰! There are still a number of blocking bugs so WebRender will stay on beta for a few trains until it has received enough polish to hit the release population. This is an important milestone for everyone working on the project and the main piece of news outside of the bullet points below.

I’m increasinglyย  running out of ideas to write intros without repeating the same thing each week. So instead I’ll start the next few newsletter with a piece of WebRender history (moved to a separate post now).

Notable WebRender and Gecko changes

  • Bobby implemented a more efficient sizing logic for render targets to save GPU memory.
  • Bobby fixed a crash.
  • Dan prevented enormous box shadows from crashing the renderer.
  • Kats improved the tooling to synchronize between the WebRender and Gecko repositories.
  • Kats and Jamie got WebRender in Firefox for Android to a point where it doesn’t just crash at startup.
  • Kvark fixed the backface visibility bugs.
  • Kvark fixed z-fighting glitch with 3d transforms.
  • Matt fixed some tiled blob image bugs.
  • Andrew landed the first half of the animated image recycling work.
  • Andrew fixed a crash
  • Lee fixed a font leak on Windows.
  • Glenn worked around a clip mask bug with blob images.
  • Glenn landed a series of incremental changes towards picture caching: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5.
  • Emilio implemented proper support for using tiled images as clip masks.
  • Sotaro fixed a texture corruption issue after resuming from sleep on Linux with proprietary nVidia drivers.
  • Sotaro fixed a flickering issue at startup on Windows.

Ongoing work

  • Glenn is making progress towards picture caching.
  • Doug is getting close to completing the document splitting work.
  • Nical is getting a subset of SVG filters to run on the GPU instead of the CPU fallback.
  • Bobby never stops improving memory usage.
  • Matt and Gankro are improving the interaction between blob images and scrolling.
  • Kats is standing up WebRender in Firefox for Android.

Enabling WebRender in Firefox Nightly

  • In about:config set โ€œgfx.webrender.allโ€ to true,
  • restart Firefox.

15 thoughts on “WebRender newsletter #27

  1. How do you disable the battery check? I enabled this on my 7700k GTX 1080 laptop but WebRender won’t run because it detects my device has a battery (even when plugged in).

    1. You should get WebRender if you set the pref “gfx.webrender.all” to true regardless of whether you have a battery or a low end card.

  2. Hi Nical
    I am not mad I just wanted to know If it will be available for use.
    My laptop runs Windows 10 2018 and… I use Firefox Nightly 65 on it with webrender enabled. I also have Firefox Nightly on Android it says…. unavailable by runtime: WebRender not ready for use on non-e10s Android. Also it says… blocked by env: Has battey. Will webrender ever be ready for use on my configuration. Thank You

    1. I assume on Android it simply isn’t included in the build, I have enabled e10s by setting ‘browser.tabs.remote.autostart’ to ‘true’ and confirmed that multiprocess is then enabled with about:support, but it still says “unavailable by runtime: WebRender not ready for use on non-e10s Android”. You can ignore the “blocked by env: Has battery” as that is only stopping it from being automatically enabled, if you are using the flag to try and enable it then it will ignore the qualification requirements.

    2. It says in the “ongoing work” section this newsletter that Katz is working on making the framework functional to enable webrender in android.

      It’s not implemented in the builds for android yet.

  3. I noticed Picture Caching is blocking a number of bugs and has been a work in progress. I was wondering if you could explain how it works, its development challenges, and its benefits once it’s complete (unless you were saving this for later or aren’t ready yet).

    1. No, for the first release, each glyph is rendered on the cpu and uploaded.
      The work to render the glyphs on the gpu instead is not as well tested yet, so is disabled for now.

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