WebRender newsletter #25

As usual, WebRender is making rapid progress. The team is working hard on nailing the remaining few blockers for enabling WebRender in Beta, after which focus will shift to the Release blockers. It’s hard to single out a particular highlight this week as the majority of bugs resolved were very impactful.

Notable WebRender and Gecko changes

  • Kats fixed a parallax scrolling issue.
  • Kats fixed the trello scrollbar jumping bug.
  • Kats fixed a crash.
  • Kats fixed various other things.
  • Matt finished the work on shader compile times. The startup times with and without WebRender are now on par.
  • Lee made WebRender more aggressively clean up evicted font instances in the font backend.
  • Lee fixed a bug with Windows variation fonts.
  • Emilio fixed some pixel snapping issues with fallback content.
  • Emilio fixed filter and fallback scaling issue.
  • Glenn fixed nested scroll frame clipping.
  • Glenn fixed large SVG clipping on google docs.
  • Glenn made various refactorings towards picture caching.
  • Glenn reduced the amount of work we do when building clip chain instances.
  • Nical added support for applying filters in linear space to WebRender.
  • Sotaro avoided scheduling repaints during animation if the animation values haven’t actually changed.
  • Sotaro fixed a frame scheduling bug.
  • Sotaro fixed a crash with cross process texture synchronization on windows.

Ongoing work

  • Bobby is improving memory usage by figuring out what set of OpenGL incantations with which planet alignment don’t cause ANGLE to opt into mipmapping where we don’t need it.
  • Chris and Andrew are looking into why we aren’t getting as much data as we hoped from the latest shield study.
  • Gankro making progress on blob recoordination.
  • Nical is adding support for running a subset of SVG filters on the GPU (instead of falling back to blob images).
  • A confabulate of graphics folks are thinking very hard about frame scheduling strategies to avoid uneven frame rates when certain parts of the pipeline are struggling.

Enabling WebRender in Firefox Nightly

  • In about:config set “gfx.webrender.all” to true,
  • restart Firefox.

4 thoughts on “WebRender newsletter #25

  1. When I go to the blockers link I get this message.

    Priority: P1 Resolution: — Blocks: 1386669

    Zarro Boogs found.

    We couldn’t find any bugs matching your search terms. You could try searching with fewer or different terms.

    Does that means that there are no bugs,or are there problems in your link?

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